Alpha Error, Bad Anthem, Bad Art, Big Tall Buildings, Barn Burning, Black Oil Incinerator, Boring, Darklands, Daymares, Derek Knox, Gap Year, Ghosts in the Snow, Great Western States, Gymshorts, The Hurt Ensemble, Hairspray Queen, Honest Living, Horselaugh, Lord Gorgeous, Math The Band, Minibeast, Piles and Piles, Sapling, Sharpest, Songbirds, Spitehouse, Stowaways, Snot Rocket, Snuffed Out, Sullest, Time Cop Beach Party, Treejohn, Twin Foxes, Ugly Moon, We Are Oceans, Willow.   



Location Sound and Post Production: 

Various Short and Feature Films, Brown University, CVS, Charlie Bravo Delta, Zoom Media, Tellart, Firsworks