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Yahmaha HS8 (pair)

Rockit 5 (pair)

Avantone Mix Cube Creme (pair)

Furman HDS6 (5 personal HR-16 mixers)

Behringer Power Play 4 Channel Headphone Mixer 

Various Sennheiser and Vic Firth Headphones




Apogee Symphony 16 Channel IO -

AD/DA Conversion

Analog Recorders:

Otari MX50-50 1/2 Inch Tape Machine

Tascam 122MkII Cassette Tape Machine

Tascam Porta02 MKII




Chandler Germanium Pre-amp (2)

Daking 500 Series (1)

Sytek MPX-4A 4 channel Pre-amp 

Capi VP28 500 Series (4)

Art MPA mki 2 Channel Tube Pre-amp 

Art MPA mkii 2 Channel Tube Pre-amp 

Focusrite Octopre 


Dbx 160 (2)

Art Pro VLA 2 Channel Compressor (1)

FMR Really Nice Compressor 1773 (1)

Alesis Micro Limiter (2)

Shure FP32 Limiter


Audio Technica Pro 37

Audix D6 (1)

AKG D112 MKII (1)

AKG 200 Perception (1)

Behringer ECM 8000 (1)

Beyerdynamic M160 (2)

Beyerdynamic M500 (1)

Cad Equitek E-100 (1)

Cascade Fathead BE (1)

Coles 4038 (1)

Digital Reference DR-HX1 (1)

Electrovoice RE20 (1)

Electrovoice 664 (1)

Oktava MK-012 (2)

Oktava MK-219 (1)

Oktava MK-319 (1)

Placid Audio Copperphone (1)

Rode NTG-2 (1)

Sennheiser e835 (2)

Sennheiser 421 (2)

Sennheiser E609 (2)

Sennheiser  E604 (2)

Shure SM57 (5)

Shure SM58 (3)

Shure SM7B (1)

Shure Beta 52a (1)

Shure Bullet Mic (1)

Other odd ball tape and lofi mics...


27” IMac 

32 GB Ram


Ludwig Club Date Se Silver Sparkle 22” 16" 13"

Ludwig 1970 Jazz Kit Wood Finish 22” 16” 13”

Ludwig Rocker Kick 22", 13" Rack Tom

Taye Kick 22", 16" Floor Tom

Ludwig Rocker Deep Snare 14"

Ludwig Acrolite 14"

Ludwig Superphonic Snare 14"

Dixon Piccolo Maple Snare 14"

Zildjian Avedis Custom 20” Crash

Zildjian Avedis Custom 16” Crash 

Zildjian New Beats 14" High Hats

Sabian XS 20” Medium Ride 

Iron Cobra Kick Pedal



Guitar Amps:

Fender Twin Reverb Custom 15

Fender Pro Junior

Marshall JMC 900 Dual Reverb Combo

Vintage Kustom V Lead Model V-L 1x12

Vintage Kustom Lead II 1x12

Roland JC120

Avatar 2x12 Cab w/ Black Shadow 12" Speakers



Guitar Effects:

Alesis Microverb Mki

Vintage Ibanez UE 400

Vintage Ibanez UE 405

Ibanez Harmonics Delay HD1000

Line 6 POD Pro

Guitar Pedals:

Electro Harmonix Russian Big Muff

Electro Harmonix Memory Boy

Electro Harmonic English Muffin

Land Devices HP-2

Tech 21 Bass Sans Amp

Rat Distortion Pedal

Crybaby Wah Pedal

Ibanez Tube Screamer

Korg DTR-2 Tuner 

TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper

and a bunch of others...



Bass Amps:

Ampeg SVT Vintage Reissue Blue Line

1974 Peavy Century 120 Bass Series Head 

Peavey Mark IV Head

Acoustic 810 8x10 800w Cab

Acoustic 4x10 400w Cab

Acoustic 1x15 250w Cab

Mesa Boogie 4x10 600w Cab

Hartke 4x10 350w Cab

Acoustic 1970 Model 420 Folded Horn 1x15 Cab

Orange Tiny Terror



Casio MT-45

SK-1 SK-1

Casio PT-82

Korg MS-20 Mini

Sargent Upright Piano

Yamaha PSS-170

Yamaha PSS-140


MIDI Controllers:

M-Audio 88 Keystation Pro

M-Audio Axiom 49


Pro Tools 

Logic X

Reason 10

Final Cut Pro

Premiere Pro




Waves Collection

Soundtoys Collection

Izotope 6 Mastering Suite 

Various others 

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