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How far is the studio from Providence? Boston? NYC?
20 minutes outside Providence
1 hour outside Boston
3.5 hours outside NYC

Are there places to eat nearby, etc?
Yes, Lincoln Mall is actually only 10 minutes away.  There you'll find any basic amenities you should need.  I do have a fridge, coffee maker, and drinking water available at all times.  Plenty of honorable eateries nearby.  

We need gear, can we use yours?
My gear is here for a reason, and it's part of what you're paying for.  I'm happy to let you use it, but if you need something, please let me know in advance so I can make sure it's here.  
Do you take credit card? 
We don't take credit card, only cash, paypal, or venmo.  
When is payment due?
We do a 50% deposit on sessions.  The balance is due at the end of the session. 

Can we pay you later?

Late payment puts a huge strain on my business!  If you don't pay on time, please realize I cannot send you mixes or masters until we are settled up.  

Can I re-schedule my session? 

We can re-schedule your session with two weeks notice.  Within two weeks you will lose your deposit unless we can find a replacement session for the date.   If we waived the initial deposit and you have to reschedule, the same method applies from above.  If I cannot replace the session with more work, you will be charged %50 fee.  

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel a session the day of, full payment is due.  If you cancel within two weeks you will forfeit your deposit.  

When should I arrive for my session? 
Please arrive on time and not early.  I often have a lot to do before a session and starting it early often complicates 
things for me.  I would rather have you be 5 minutes late than early.  Also keep in mind if you are an hour late that
does not mean the session day is now an hour longer.  Please respect the studio time! 

Can we do overtime on a session?

We can do overtime if everyone is on board.  Overtime is $40 an hour.  

Are rough mixes and bounces done after our session?

Please budget time for bouncing and rough mixes on the session day!  If we do not get to it, you would need to book more time or bill hourly.   

How many mix/masters revisions can we do?
I'm always happy to make one round of adjustments afterwards.  If additional changes are needed we work under an hourly rate for this.  

By booking time at Distorted Forest, you agree to all these terms.  


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