How far is the studio from Providence? Boston? NYC?
20 minutes outside Providence
1 hour outside Boston
3.5 hours outside NYC

Are there places to eat nearby, etc?
Yes, Lincoln Mall is actually only 10 minutes away.  There you'll find any basic amenities you should need.  I do have a fridge, coffee maker, and drinking water available at all times.  Plenty of honorable eateries nearby.  

We need gear, can we use yours?
My gear is here for a reason, and it's part of what you're paying for.  I'm happy to let you use it, but if you need something, please let me know in advance so I can make sure it's here.  
Do you take credit card? 
We don't take credit card, only cash, paypal, or venmo.  
When is payment due?
Payment is due at the end of each tracking day.  

How many mix/masters revisions can we do?
I'm always happy to make one round of adjustments afterwards.  If additional changes are needed we work under a rate for this.